Tuesday, 30 May 2017

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Girls' Rippa Rugby

On a Wednesday 1st of June, there was a Rippa Rugby Tournament for girls only. There were two separate teams, Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 & 8.

All the schools would play against each other, and whoever gets the most tries and or wins most of their games they will go to the semi-finals, and who ever wins the semi-finals will go on to the finals.

Our school got into the semi finals, but sadly we didn’t win. At least we got into the semi-finals. We were so happy to find out that we got into the semi-finals.

When we didn’t win we had to watch the finals. We were watching the Year 7 & 8s. I can’t remember who was playing who but does that really matter?

By Charlotte Bridge, Year 6    

Term 2 Disco

 *** Disco ***

On the 17th of June, on a Friday, Paraparaumu School had a disco, but there were different times to the junior and the senior school. The junior disco was held at 5:30 to 6:45pm and the senior disco was at 7:00 to 8:15pm. The theme was celebrity stars & celestial stars (Matariki).

There were so many awesome costumes, there was a TARDIS, The Doctor and many others!

There were stars set-up in the hall, colourful lights and everything! People were dancing and having lots of fun.

There was a dancing competition, a costume competition and much, much more.

It was a magical night! Paraparaumu School students are looking forward to the next one. Thanks to the parents!

By Maia Wagstaff, Year 5, Kendall Sutton and Charlotte Bridge, Year 6

Paraparaumu School Cross Country

The Big Run
It was the day of The Big Run. On the 30th of May, Paraparaumu School did their cross country. It was at Kaitawa Reserve. There were lots of parents and little siblings. Everyone was getting ready to start their run, lining up in their year groups.

The year 7s & 8s had to go up to the water tower. They needed to get a mark to prove that they went to the water tower, because we all know that they all cheat.

Everyone from year 5s to year 8s had to go around the block 1 and a half times. They needed to get a mark to show that we had done the extra loop. Then when we finished the track, we would run into Kaitawa then they had to get the tab with their name on. Then we would get put into our places.

Cross country is a kind of run when the kids from year 1s to year 2s run around Kaitawa Crescent twice.

The Year 3s & year 4s ran out to Riwai Street, down Valley Rd Into Kaitawa Crescent and into the Park. The year 5s & 6s had to do the same but with the extra loop.

Grace McAllister makes it look easy!
The Year 7s & 8s also have to the same including the water tower and the extra loop.

The people who came 1st  2nd and 3rd and sometimes 4th and 5th all go to interschools.The years that go are year 4s up. Everyone did the best they could. All the parents were proud of their children.

The day was brilliant.Everyone cheered for all the people that were running. That day couldn't have gone better.

By Kendall Sutton and Meika Howell, Year 6.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Easter Bonnet Parade 2016

Cailey, Malakai and Millie from Room 5 on the winners platform.

Easter Bonnet Parade

Today at Paraparaumu School, we are having the annual Easter Bonnet Parade.  Here is what we saw.

Room 5 was the first to walk around. The judges made their decision.  The winners stepped up on to the platform.

There were lots of awesome hats there and the prizes were great.  If you got 3rd or 2nd you got a chocolate bunny rabbit.  For 1st you got a box with a chocolate egg and chocolate buttons.

Then we had Room 4 followed by Room 3.  We were all enjoying the cool music too. After that the toddlers and preschoolers showed some even more cool hats.

Next up we had Room 2.  There was an awesome bunny costume, a paper hat and lots more. Then Te Puna:  there was a rabbit with a crocheted carrot.  Some children have used paper mache and lots more cool ideas.

Next was my class Room 10 with more cool hats and a robot with no hat.

Last was room 11, last but not least and they had some interesting costumes to share.  One person was dancing.

After the prizes, it was time to go home.  This is great school tradition and we look forward to the show again next year.

By Finley Cooper-Camm (Year 5) and Jaxon Barton (Year 6)

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Paraparaumu School Fire

"Our school on fire tonight!"  Published by Kapiti Independent News online

Arrests after school fire.  Published by Kapiti Independent News online

Classrooms burned down after Kapiti School Fire.  Published on TVNZ One News

One of our Dad's helps to fight the fire!

On the 27th of August, Scott Walker visited Room 1 at Saint Patricks School to talk about the fire at Paraparaumu School.  Scott Walker was one of the first fire fighters to arrive at the Paraparaumu School fire and he is the father of one of our students.

After multiple calls, the firefighters were sent to the fire station.  When he got to the fire station, Scott found out the fire was at Paraparaumu School.  Apparently, when they got to Te Roto Drive they knew that the fire was going to be hard to put out.

15 fire trucks and 65 fire fighters were sent to the school at 7:15pm. The fire went from 2nd alarm to 3rd alarm which meant they had to send more fire trucks and fire fighters.  It was such a big fire!  When he first tried to put the fire out, the fire was so hot, it burnt through a hose.

Unfortunately, the fire kept re-igniting but they finally put it out.  He said that he didn’t feel anything during the fire because he was concentrating but after the fire he finally felt the emotion.

Scott Walker has been to car accidents, fires, and even rescued cats from trees.  He showed all his fire fighters gear to the kids and some lucky kids even got to try them on.

The kids were reassured by the fact that Scott Walker was one of the fire fighters working on their classroom, Room 1.

By Maia Hoskins and Jaida Brown